The importance of owning a website


- It is very important for any business, large or small, to be present on the Internet through a website that explains the details of this activity and presents it to the public in a professional manner that reflects the sophistication of this activity.

- In recent times, it has become imperative for any major company or institution to have its own website, as owning a website is very important, because it helps in:

Increasing the profits of the company or institution: because it is used as a promotional tool for the products and the display of the company's goods at all times, making it easier for customers to browse, choose and buy from the company.

Reducing the effort on the customer: as customers can choose and shop through the site.

Reducing cost: owning a website helps the company reduce costs, as it saves the company a lot of money that could have been used in advertising and marketing.

- Available around the clock

- We guarantee in Gad Mad a suitable business plan for your business, starting with design, programming, choosing a suitable domain for the company's name and providing hosting that matches the capabilities of the site that was designed and programmed with an open, stable and guaranteed hosting plan in our servers.

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